Spirituality and Religion

Written by Pierre

For some people spirituality and religion are very close to eachother, but for others they don’t have anything in common. In this article we’re exploring how, and if, the two are combined. 

Spiritual people that are not part of any religion

Throughout the years, I’ve come across a lot of very spiritual people (many whom meditate on a daily basis). A large percentage of them where not, and still aren’t, religious. They aren’t atheïsts either; they just kind of create their own religion.

These people do believe that there’s more than just the things we see and experience in our daily lifes, and explore this in their own way. Many of them believe in some sort of karma; do good things and you’ll be rewarded, do bad things and you’ll be punished (altho this is not exactly what karma actually is). Most religions work the same way; follow the rules and you’ll get into heaven, or an equivalent of heaven.

That’s why I see it as creating their own religion. They need, or get great joy out of, a religion of sorts in their daily lifes.


spirituality and religion


Religious people who explore beyond their own religion

Almost every religion gets interpretet in many different ways. Different churches explain teachings differently, and different people interpret teachings differently. So it’s to be expected that a few of religious people, who actively practise their religion, search spirituality in more ways than their own religion teaches them.

But this is a good thing, because only one of two things can happen; they either don’t like it, decide these new ways of spirituality are not for them and go back to their old religion with a stronger faith – OR they find peace of mind and a better way to life combining their religion and their new ways of practising spirituality (which is no problem as long as nobody gets hurt).


So what knowledge can we take out of all this? I believe that everybody needs to find a way in life that works for them, and that there are no single set of beliefs, rules or teachings that will suit every single person perfectly. And as this is the case we should respect eachother and life peaceful amongside everyone, instead of hating, fighting and dispising eachother.

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