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Tip of the month: Travel to broaden the mind!

Every month we’ll post a different tip here on our homepage. This month we encourage everyone to travel! Travelling broadens the mind. It’s also a great way to relax and get away from the daily struggles, see different cultures and meet amazing people. Tip: if you’re going to Europe and are stopping by the Netherlands, try some weed and use it before meditating (only if you’re 18+ years of age ofcourse). You can find a coffeeshop in the Netherlands on GetSmokin’ – a coffeeshop is what the Dutch call a shop that sells marijuana (and sometimes also regular coffee). Be careful tho; Dutch weed is a lot stronger than the weed you might have used before.


If you’re adventurous, try going to Mexico. Not the popular big cities, but the small towns in Mexico are great. I’ve seem amazing jungles, relaxing warm-water pools and have met many amazing people there.